A man, who’s probably been edging for a while, is caught by surprise as he unexpectedly bumps himself above his cresting point. As he realizes he just went past his point of no-return (2:03), he does not try to stop himself from coming (2:10). On the contrary, from the moment he feels overpowered, he abandons himself to orgasm. Something he is rewarded for with a powerful and deeply satisfying ejaculation.

You’ll notice he came very close to loosing control around the 0:40 mark and he uses many techniques to inhibit the ejaculatory contractions at that moment :

  • abrupt stopping of the penile massage (of course)
  • tensing of the pelvic muscles (Kegel technique)
  • side-waving of his erection
  • down-pulling of the balls
  • down-pressing his cock between his legs

Before resuming his masturbation around 1:16, and stopping again at 1:20, 1:22, 1:26, 1:29, 1:33, 1:36… He’s obviously maximally aroused and he doesn’t need much to stay on the edge ! After another break during which he attempts to avoid caressing his penis (but the feeling is too great to resist some touching, obviously), he resumes masturbating once more (2:00), attempting to stop at 2:03, but it is too late already !

That’s alot

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Posted 8th April, 2013
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